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Under his leadership the paper made its greatest gains. Jeff Cohen Chief operating officer: The Chronicle stood tall in the front ranks in the fight against the Klan, and Foster was the standard bearer. Johnson, the Democratic candidate for president.

Such have always been the policies of the Chronicle and to such it is now rededicated. He sold the rest of his interest to Jesse H. To make this goal specific, you could measure the current turnover rate, like one employee in five leaves after three months, and decide to double this figure to six months.

Subsequent editors have been George W. John McKeon Executive vice presidents: Johnson, former publisher of the Chronicle. Johnson, who had joined the paper as a copy editor inand worked up to executive vice president inand president inremained as chairman and publisher until he retired April 1, You also could implement one-on-one bi-weekly meetings with your employees in an effort to build rapport and find out what's on their mind.

It had ten stories above ground and three stories below ground. Jones, a local businessman and prominent builder, to construct a new office and plant for the paper, "and offered [a] half-interest in the newspaper as a down payment, with twenty years to pay the remainder.

In the Downtown facility, the presses there were decommissioned in the late s. The history of the newspaper can be best understood when divided into the eras of these individuals. Jones transferred ownership of the paper to the newly established Houston Endowment Inc.

By Houston's growth was attracting national attention and the newspaper had outgrown its modest home. Dudley Althaus — finalist in international reporting: Jones retained the title of publisher until his death in On September 3, the paper published a story announcing that Everett Collier was now the new editor.

The Chronicle, which sold for two cents a copy, had a circulation of 4, at the end of its first month of publication, remarkable in a city of 44, No sooner had I finished stating my proposition than he said, 'I will take it,' and the transaction was completed accordingly.

He was the assistant to Richard Johnson, a former executive vice president of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association, and a newspaperman, mostly in Houston, for seventy-four years. Foster was a risk-taking, enterprising man not afraid to take on the establishment when he believed Houston's best interests were not being served.

The fifth building was a production plant built north of the original four buildings.


Foster continued to write columns under the pen name Mefo, and drew much attention in the s for his opposition to the Ku Klux Klan KKK.

Howard Creekmore era[ edit ] John J. An overwhelming number of officeholders in Harris County were known to be members of the Klan. Warren president of the paper. For now, please be aware of these new assignments: The printing presses used by the newspaper spanned three stories.

This resulted in a stodgy newspaper that failed to capture the interests of newcomers to the city. Jeff Lawrence Multi-Market, strategic and national sales: One of his innovations was the creation of a regular help column called "Watchem," where ordinary citizens could voice their complaints.

Paul Takahashi is a business reporter for the Houston Chronicle. Paul Takahashi is a business reporter for the Houston Chronicle.


Full bio. Houston Chronicle. Recent Stories By Paul Takahashi. Lakewood Church as family empire: Houston Chronicle business reporter gets it right.

Julia Duin. June 8, Business, Julia Duin, Money, Social Media, TV-Radio, Godbeat, Evangelicals, Ethics, Books. Lakewood Church as family empire: Houston Chronicle business reporter gets it right. Mike Ward, a veteran reporter with decades of experience covering the Texas Legislature, abruptly quit his position as Austin bureau chief for the Houston Chronicle on Sept.

10, after allegations. Jun 30,  · In order to meet business goals, you should define them as precisely as possible and then create a series of specific objectives to reach them. Houston Chronicle agosto de "Jana Willis, associate professor at UH-Clear Lake and one of the partnership's head organizers, said the program will be a more cooperative venture by allowing university students to actively participate with the teachers through 'action research.'"Title: Business Reporter at Houston.

From Talking Biz News The Houston Chronicle has hired Sergio Chapa as an energy reporter. Chapa has been covering energy for the San Antonio Business Journal since

Houston Chronicle retracts 8 stories, corrects 64 others after reporter's work scrutinized Houston chronicle business reporters
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