Redmine configured to not write apport reports

Change is hard — period. Because of that, they named it after the mythical jackalope. Names are occasionally chosen so that animal appearance or habits reflects some new feature e. As this will be the first of a series of three releases before the next LTS release, Shuttleworth indicated that it will include a refreshed look, with work to be done on typography and iconography.

This move caused immediate controversy among Ubuntu users, particularly with regard to privacy issues, and caused Mark Shuttleworth to issue a statement indicating that this feature is not adware and labelled many of the objections "FUD" Fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Debug log path - filename to store log Debug trace - enable traces Debug subsystems - comma separated list of subsystems Trace subsystems - comma separated list of subsystems The traces must be compiled to the tvheadend binary - see Traces.

However, the inclusion of the Amazon icon on the launcher, and the discontinuation of Unity 2D might irritate some people. From —, the theme in Ubuntu was "Human". However one thing that can be useful in investigating crashes within Tvheadend is to ensure that coredumps are generated, this will allow post analysis in gdb without having to actual run Tvheadend within gdb.

The new style in Ubuntu is inspired by the idea of "Light". Shuttleworth stated "What we have in And it is an eery [ sic ] reminder of all the garbage that gets installed on Windows PCs by default, by the hardware companies.

This might come across as a bridge too far in terms of the outright commercialization of Ubuntu. Naming convention[ edit ] Ubuntu releases are also given code namesusing an adjective and an animal with the same first letter e. It might also be useful to generate a core file for good measure: F-Spot provided normal user-level graphics-editing capabilities and GIMP remained available for download in the repositories.

The name is a good fit for Ubuntu, which aims to soar in the cloud, offer visual appeal without compromising function, and avoid smacking into closed windows. For many, the idea of change is such a painful notion they wind up missing out on some incredible advancements.

He said "Unity, though a step away from the traditional desktop, has several features which make it attractive, such as reducing mouse travel. Adding insult to injury, the Unity dash kept locking up or losing focus while I was trying to use it and the operating system crashed more times than not while trying to shutdown or logout.

The naming of Ubuntu The release takes its name from the quetzala species of Central American birds. The notice informs us Canonical reserves the right to share our keystrokes, search terms and IP address with a number of third parties, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and the BBC.

If you do not see resolved the function names like: There are basically two tools which may help to discover the memory leaks or memory corruptions. More and more of our communications are powered by light, and in future, our processing power will depend on our ability to work with light, too.

Ubuntu bugs with highest user affected count These bugs have more than 5 users affected! Summary In Importance Status Affected Count; could not write byte broken pipe: plymouth: Undecided: Triaged: Movie player requires DVD subpicture decoder but reports not available.

€€Package€rudder-reports€is€not€configured€yet. dpkg:€error€processing€rudder-webapp€(--configure): €dependency€problems€-€leaving€unconfigured dpkg:€dependency€problems€prevent€configuration€of€rudder-server-root: configured€to€not€write€apport€reports. Development was not complete in April and Mark Shuttleworth approved slipping the automated crash reports (Apport), Tomboy note taking application, and F-Spot photo manager.

EasyUbuntu, a third party program designed to make Ubuntu easier to use, was included in Ubuntu as a meta-package. "I got a notice that our.


Jul 05,  · Re: hosting a website on a raspberry pi? Tue Jun 26, am A few people have experienced problems with the Pi crashing out under heavy load and again a few people have had good results by re-compiling the kernal. Dec 07,  · [RESOLVED] Mysql Plugin not working Sodden.


Ubuntu version history

Likes Received 1 Posts 1 Package redmine-mysql is not installed, so not removed; Package rtdb-mysql is not installed, so not removed configured to not write apport reports; Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld [31mfailed![39;49m.

Redmine is not just a "package". It's a web-service, so first of all, try to stop web-service (httpd passenger, or native web-daemon), than check dependencies (ruby gems) and than try to purge "package" via dpkg.

Redmine configured to not write apport reports
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